The Museum of Inquisition in Carcassonne

The Museum of Inquisition is situated in the Cité de Carcassonne, in the fully restored 17th century building.
It presents a comprehensive collection of the instruments of torture dating back to the 12th century and until the French Revolution.

Scenes showing different characters in period costumes that have played an important role during this period and their biographies supplement the exposition.

200 YEARS of history,
200 YEARS of manhunt, of persecution and extermination of Cathares called "heretics".
200 YEARS through which you will also discover history of the main so-called "Cathares" castles erected on the land where they have found refuge and which became part of our region's wealth. Panels with illustrations and texts in French, English, Spanish, Italian, and German are supplemented by videos.

The tour continues in another building: "Cachots et Châtiments" (Dungeons and Chastisements) with scenes showing different stages of punishment that inquisition had reserved for "heretics", from the Trial to the Stake. However, this Museum was not created against religion, just the opposite. It was created to denounce intolerance and fanaticism, which reigned at that time, and are, unfortunately, still present in many countries.

A guestbook is at your disposal at the end of the visit.


Photo gallery of the Carcassonne museum of inquisition

Photo gallery, a selection of display rooms and objects from the collections of the Carcassonne museum of inquisition.

Museum of the Inquisition in Carcassonne

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